My Sister And Her Son’s Father Are Smart

My sister is not generally the type of person that you would call a smart egg. She is very flighty and loves to fly through life without a care in the world. A few years ago she has a son, which I thought would ground her, but she seemed to be the same person. A year ago we had a conversation about life insurance and she admitted that her and the baby’s dad had insurance policies in place. They said that they wanted to make sure that their son was covered in case anything ever happened to them. They also have a policy for him that can be cashed out when he wants to attend college.

This is probably the smartest thing that she has ever done in her life and I am proud of her. The fact that she can stop worrying about designer labels and trips to New York for long enough to secure her son’s future is very admirable. Now that I have praised her for doing this, it is time for me to do the same thing for my family. I am going to look into life insurance soon (maybe consider Life Shield HQ). (19)

A New Hobby to Try Out- Bonsai Gardening

Bonsai as a hobby may seem like a boring activity for the younger generation. Truth of the matter is Bonsai is one the most ideal hobby individuals can dive themselves into. It is not the most fun activity nor is it the most interactive hobby. Bonsai is a hobby that you can develop to relax and soothe your mind, body, and spirit. This isn’t just for the oldies. Bonsai is a hobby ideal for anybody who wants to induce peace and tranquility while creating pieces of art.

Bonsai is appreciated by many people for its aesthetic appeal. It depicts the beauty of nature at a smaller scale that makes it the most humble and natural form of mimicry according to most Bonsai hobbyists.

Individuals who want to take a stab at Bonsai as a hobby should check their patience and commitment first. Unlike other hobbies, Bonsai is something that you dive into for a long period of time. It is not as time-consuming as other people think it is. It only takes an hour or even less of your time in tending to your Bonsai trees or garden.

It’s a relaxing hobby because it relaxes and calms the mind of any type of anxiety. It de-stresses the body from all the pressures from work and household chores. Taking care and styling Bonsai doesn’t take too much of your time or isn’t a tedious task to complete. All you need is an ounce of passion in the beginning of starting the art of Bonsai. You will soon find satisfaction when you start feeling relaxed and invigorated after an hour or so of tending to your Bonsai.

Bonsai as a hobby indeed is a therapeutic activity for both the young and old. More individuals between their early 20s to their mid 30s turn to Bonsai as a way to relax both their minds and bodies from the stresses of living in a fast-paced society. Not only octogenarians find pleasure in solitude, but young people are now finding the importance of being at peace and in union with the environment once in a while. Bonsai as a hobby very well provided them with a sense of peace and unity with Mother Nature without getting their hands too dirty from soil and too much water.

Bonsai as a hobby is the ultimate stress-buster for people. Regardless of the kind and level of stress that your work brings you, Bonsai gardening will definitely relieve you of all anxieties and worries well behind you. The art of Bonsai calms the body, mind, and spirit that no other hobby can very well deliver to its enthusiasts. (18)

A Brief Introduction to Scarpati Indian Taming Technique

Scarpati Indian Taming or Horse Yoga was founded in the traditions of both Hinduism and Buddhism. The goal of this discipline is to combine the physical, mental, an spiritual disciplines in pursuit of reaching that much-coveted peace of mind. The combination of multiple ancient practices with horse taming may seem to be unusual to the average person at first, but the father-son tandem of Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati have done just that at the Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina.

The World of Horse Yoga

The Scarpati Indian Taming technique is a method that aims to tame the horse according to its own nature. They avoid feelings of pain and fear by earning the trust and loyalty of horses. This technique gives a clear idea to it practitioners on how to treat the horse as well as hows and when is the best time to teach them as well.

Horses primarily learn by persuasion, and within us, we start knowing horse nature, behavior, and psychology to achieve the ability to teach and persuade horses to execute endless exercise making the horses suitable animals for any type of discipline.

Scarpati Indian Taming is also about teaching the concept of love of life as applied to working with animals such as horses.

This unusual Yoga adaptation may seem to be controversial and stressful, especially for the wellness of horses, the instructors at the Doma School firmly believe in the philosophy that non-violence based horse taming may actually help in forming a strong bond between a man and a horse.

People who wish to participate in horse yoga need not be physically strong. According to its founders, you only need to have genuine love for horses and an inherent ability to understand and communicate using their language. For the Scarpati family, horses are sacred. They are now using their knowledge and skills of horse taming in working with wild, traumatized, and nervous horses.

What Makes Scarpati Indian Taming Unique?

  • Their signature taming techniques are considered to be tried-and-tested body-to-body natural game similar to that of herding horses.
  • Horses quickly lose fear of humans and other elements once they undergo the techniques and methods developed by the Scarpatis.
  • Removing the fear in horses will help in creating bonds with untamed horses.

A Very Dangerous Treatment

stencil.default (1)When I was 15 years old, my doctor told me that I had a hormonal imbalance that caused my menstrual cycle to be out of whack. She gave me a pill to force my cycle to start and she gave me birth control pills to regulate my cycle.

After taking the birth control pill for the first time, I noticed my cycle was unusually long. After a week and a half passed, I called her and told her something was wrong. She said to ignore this and continue life as normal since this was my body’s way of ridding itself of excess waste.

After another week, I called her several more times and she told me that it would go away soon. It ended up lasting about six weeks. When I went in for an appointment, she said that the best thing to do would be to change my pills. I was on the new pills for two years without incident.

One day I got sick from eating some food that was not prepared well. I ended up going to a walk-in clinic to get some help. They asked that I bring in all of the medication I was taking. When they saw the birth control pills they were in shock. Apparently, this pill is only supposed to be for women over 40 who already have children. Otherwise, it can cause a blood clot.

I am not sure whether the concept of clotting was something my doctor felt would help the problem, but I was told that I could have died at any time during the two years I took that. I was given another pill immediately and the rest of the ones I already had were tossed out. It is sad to say, but food poisoning ended up saving my life.